Hello Taxidermist!

It is time again for the Tennessee State show.  Last years show went extremely well, we are
growing every year with numbers of entries and number of members. We have a great group of
people in our association, it must be the southern hospitality coming out.

I have had several “new” taxidermist calls and inquire about our show, so word has gotten out
about how great the Tennessee boys can put on a show! It takes a lot of people to put this show
on. I personally want to say “THANK YOU” to everyone for all their help.  

We are  having to make a few adjustments this year due to some scheduling and management
issue with the park, but it will all work out.  Registration will be done in the lobby of the Inn.  
Suppliers and competition area will also be in the Inn.  Friday will be the only day we will be at
the Lodge. On Friday, all seminars and the Friday night dinner will be at the lodge.  On Saturday  
all the seminars will be at the Inn  and  the banquet will be at the restaurant with meals costing
Adult-$12 and children-$6, 5 and under-Free.  They have reserved the dining hall for us and
there will be full-buffet for us.
We will still will have the children and ladies seminars, but not sure of schedule as of this going
to print today. I hoping Gwen will be here on Saturday to do children’s seminar,  that is always
one not to miss. I think the adults enjoy it as much as the kids.
A reminder about the dessert competition, no entry fee, Judges will judge them Friday night and
Saturday while they judge the mounts.  This is for ladies or men that can cook….Please no store
bought items and put them in your bowl….Ha-Ha!

We have  new Judges this year:
Gameheads and Lifesize-Denton Shearin
Birds and Fish-Ricky Givens

We have over 25 Awards to give out, so don’t miss out

Call Henry Horton at 1-800-250-8612 to reserve your room today. The park has camper sites,
suites and also rooms for your favorite pet.

TTA is going to have a consignment booth.  You bring what ever item that you have in the shop,
or hunting item, that you haven’t used and would like to sale.  The TTA gets 30% and you get
70%. Please price items to sale and not as retail


Tennessee State Taxidermist Convention Schedule
May 30st- June 1rd  2013

Thursday May 30
6:00pm-?????   Set up supply and competition area. Help is needed!!
Pegboard set up      (note earlier time)
Friday May 31
9:00am -12:00pm        Registration open (Mounts accepted for competition)
9:00am- 11:00am        Seminar Ricky Givens Mounting a flying duck

11:00am- 2:00pm        Supply area open
1:00pm- 3:00pm         Childrens seminar
2:00pm- 3:30pm        Seminar- Denton Shearin Mounting a Whitetail

3:30pm -5:30pm        Supply area open and Mounts accepted for competition
6:00pm                Supper served
7:00pm                Auction Starts
8:00pm (after auction) Seminar-  Q&A                                              
Homemade Ice cream Served

Saturday June  1
8:00am- 10:00am        Registration open (Mounts accepts for comp)
No more entries accepted for competition after 10am
9:00am- 10:30am        Seminar- Ricky Givens mounting a sitting duck
10:00am- 12:00pm        Childrens seminar                            
11:00am- 12:00pm        Business Meeting(Tennessee Members Only)        
10:00am- 3:00pm        Supply area open (last chance to get supplies)
1:00pm -2:00pm        Seminar

2:00pm -4:00pm        Seminar- Chip Hayes- Finishing a whitetail

3:00pm- 4:30pm        Suppliers break down and may need help loading trucks.
4:30pm -5:00pm        Competition area open for voting                
5 :00pm -6:00pm        Break down supply area pegboard and set up for Banquet
(Break down will go easier if everyone can pitch in and help!!)        
6:30pm                    Awards and Dinner

Schedule changes probably will occur….Ladies and Children Seminars will be posted at show.
Last minute details could change everything. We will have plenty of things to keep you busy.

All Critics will be done after Awards are given out! Mounts can not be removed until 9pm
Saturday night  or after all pictures have been taken.  


Tennessee Taxidermists Association 2013 Convention   


Quantity                Description                                                Amount

________        Registration Fee $45.00                                        __________

________        Banquet Ticket Adults$12.00 under 12yrs $6.00                __________

________        Membership Dues $45.00                                           __________

________        Competition Entries $20.00 1st mount, $15.00 each                __________
Additional mount Pay for 3 mounts and get 1 free!!!!!
(Pre-registration gets 1 free mount after 1st mount paid)

________        Competitors Competition-Highest cumulative score          __________
On 3 mounts in any categories. $15.00 fee to enter.

________        Best All Around Competition-Highest cumulative score        __________
On 4 mounts(Lifesize Mammal, Gamehead, Bird, Fish or
Reptile) $15.00 fee to enter.(no freeze dry)

________        T-Shirt- $10 Adults small to XL, $2 more 2X or 3X           ___________

                  TOTAL DUE:__________

_____________New Horizon Award(free)                 ___________Dessert Entry(free)
1st time ever entered mount                                     Bring recipe!